Nikos Veliotis
Athens Greece

Late 80s - early 90s - founding member of In Trance 95"
Late 90s - early 00s - turned to the experimental field, exploring sound mainly through the cello (which he destroyed during the "cello powder" performance in 2009)
Late 00s - early 10s - founding member of "Mohammad"

“...euphoric music, no chemistry guaranteed...” [L Alsace]
“...Having achieved acoustic enlightenment, Veliotis just sits there making the same glorious noise for 20 minutes...” [The Wire]
“Veliotis is the Greek emperor of the restrained cello” [Sound Projector]
“...a cross-pollination of Phill Niblock, Glenn Branca and Iannis Xenakis occurring during the Chernobyl disaster.” [Touching Extremes]




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