audio- visual performance by looper + john tilbury

nikos veliotis - video & cello, martin küchen - saxophone, ingar zach – percussion + john tilbury – piano

MASS ' visual material consists of religious images gathered from websites that advertise religion, any religion. The pictures are overlaid and animated in a soft pendulum motion.

MASS ' audio material counterpoints the visual content in terms of constant long and lowercase stretches of sound, interspersed with soft chords and silences.

MASS is a collective inter – media project which integrates image and sound to reach a deeper conceptual level that brings open questions about human thoughts and beliefs to the foreground.

MASS explores the complexity of simplicity, featuring the figure in its absence. It is an almost utopian attempt to transform religion - a concrete notion expressed in specific rules - into abstract aestheticism.

It attempts to somehow detach religion from its obsessive quest for absolute truth. Rather than seeking any specific conclusion, it brings out the underlying confusion.

Complex though minimal in development, MASS' visuals cancel the religious aspect of the individual image. Paradoxically, however, the result retains a certain religious resonance. The musicians engage in a dialogue by producing a subtle sonic environment, providing the spectator with a suspended situation in which to submerge himself, dislocating him from the casual perception of time and space.


Mass 1 Mass 5